Homework: due Monday, 25.9. Pages 4-5

Introduction: We started the class with the discussion of Rose, Bud, Thorn the students answered with a good and bad part of their week and what they are looking forward to for the next week.

Portfolio: Created “your perfect day” in the  Past Tense form – 

I went to DisneyLand.

I saw Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

I played the fair games.

I ate a lot of good food.

I rode on all of the rollercoasters.


Watched a short homemade lava lamp experimental video pertaining to this week’s science lab theme. Students can try to make the lava lamps at home with parental help!

Bookwork: Superminds pages 6 – 7, using listening, reading, writing and speaking skills

Unit Vocabulary and Phrases: phonics rhyming words – through, do, you. And friends, ends.


Spell or Slime – spelling this week’s vocabulary correctly

Sentence Stacker – Using the correct grammar to pass the challenges

Pictionary with this week’s vocabulary for memorization.

Poster: finished the mascot poster