Homework due Monday 13.11.: WB str. 24, 25

Notebooks: Is there any chicken?

Yes, there is some cheese.

Are there any vegetables?

No, there aren’t any apples.

There isn’t any soup.

Práce se Student’s Book: SB str. 24, 25

New Grammar:

Questions/Answers with some and any

Use “any” with the following questions and negative answers. Use “some” with  positive answers. Use “is” with uncountable nouns (cheese, milk, bread, lemonade, juice, soup, salad, chicken) and “are” with countable nouns (oranges, vegetables, rolls).

Is there any cheese?

Yes, there is some cheese./No there isn’t any.

Are there any oranges?

Yes, there are some oranges./ No there aren’t any oranges.


Shall we (verb)….?

How about some…?

New Vocabulary: rolls, lemonade, cheese, apple juice, water, soup, vegetables, salad

Other Activity: hra Big Describer: Food, aktivní video Would You Rather? Food Edition