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  • 27.11.

    The Units 0-2 Review Test was given back in class today! Ask your child to see it 🙂

    Homework: Activity Book 29/2, 29/3

    Portfolio: For 5 minutes, students wrote places or things in a city starting with each letter of the alphabet. For example, A- airport B-bank…

    Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 3 „City Life“ (pages 28-30)

    We read the latest blog by Lenny, Meera, and Stella about London, practiced giving directions to places, and did a word scramble and matching exercise with places in a city.

    Activity Book: 28/1, 2, 3

    Unit Song: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Unit 3)

    Vocabulary & Grammar: Directions: right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner, past, across, along, to get lost, turn. Places in a city: police station, theatre, bridge, street, post office, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison, bank, stadium, gym, university

    Game: Hot Seat. Students took turns sitting in the „hot seat.“ When you were there, you had to guess which place was being described to you by your classmates.

  • 20.11.

    Homework: No homework today

    Portfolio: Spelling Game: prize, comedy, interesting, history. I spelled each word letter by letter, and when students thought they knew the answer, they said „Stop!“, raised their hand, and made a guess.

    Test: Today there was a test covering the material from Units 0-2.

    Games: After the test, we played a quiz game to review the Past Simple tense, created sentences using word tiles, and told stories using the Story Cubes.

    Brain Break: This or That Fall Edition

  • 13.11.

    Next week (20.11.) there will be a test on Units 0-2.

    Homework: Activity Book 26 (whole page)

    Portfolio: We practiced using the grammar structure „going to“ for future plans.

    Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Review Units 0-2 (pages 25-27)

    Activity Book: page 25

    Vocabulary & Grammar: Review all vocabulary and grammar from Units 0-2


    -We played the review game in the Pupil’s Book (page 27). With this, we practiced saying the time and saying what you are going to do at that time. (And we tested our memory, too, because you had to remember what your teammates were going to do at specific times!)

    Baamboozle quiz game

  • 6.11.

    Homework: Activity Book 21/2, 22/3, 22/4

    Portfolio: Students listened to audio of people at work and had to write which jobs they had.

    Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 21-23)

    Activity Book: 21/1, 21/3, 23/1, 23/2, 23/3

    Vocabulary & Grammar: jobs and „going to“ for future plans


    -Beach ball toss: Students tossed the beach ball to each other. When you caught it, you had to say a job. If you repeated a job that was already said or couldn’t think of a job in time, you had to sit down.

    -Who am I? One student sat in a chair facing their classmates. They silently chose a job. The class has a total of 10 „yes/no“ questions to ask to figure out which job the student chose.

    Unit Story: Diggory Bones (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 2 People at work)

    Brain Break: Would you Rather | Jobs | Kids | This or That | GoNoodle Inspired

  • 30.10.

    Homework: Activity Book 19/3, 20 (whole page)

    Portfolio: Word scramble: drineseg (designer), juarnlstoi (journalist), macniceh (mechanic)

    Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 18-20)

    Activity Book: 18/1, 2, 3; 19/1, 2

    Vocabulary: nurse, fire fighter, teacher, dentist, actor, artist, cook, doctor, football player, journalist, manager, mechanic, pilot, sports commentator, video game designer, writer

    Grammar: future plans with „going to“ (e.g. I’m going to be a doctor. I’m going to go to the shopping center.)

    Halloween activities:

    Would You Rather? Fitness (Halloween Edition) | This or That | Brain Break | Candy | PE

    We created funny stories by doing a Halloween mad lib

  • 16.10.

    Homework: Activity Book 16/2: write about a documentary you’ve watched (or imagine a documentary you’d like to watch)

    Library Books: Many of the students have library books that are overdue. Please return them on 30.10. with the book report! 🙂

    Portfolio: We practiced spelling adjectives – popular, exciting, amazing, interesting

    Bookwork: Unit 1 „Time for television“ (pages 16-17) and review of the whole unit. Activities: 16/1, 17

    Today we learned about how nature documentaries are made, read about three different documentaries, and shared our opinions about them. We also practiced using adjectives and reviewed Units 0 and 1!

    Vocabulary: drone, underwater camera, computer-generated images (CGI); adjectives from Unit 1

    Game: We reviewed Units 0 and 1 with this quiz game

    Brain Break: This or That: Pet Edition

  • 9.10.

    Homework: Activity Book 14/3, 14/4, 15 “Do you remember?”

    Portfolio: Students wrote sentences sharing their opinions about TV programs. For example, „I think documentaries are more interesting than sports.“

    Bookwork: Unit 1 „Time for television“, pages 13-15. Activities: 13/1, 13/2, 13/3, 13,4, 14/1, 14/2, 15/1, 15/2

    Vocabulary: Adjectives: amazing, bad, boring, exciting, funny, good, interesting

    Grammar: Past Simple, sounds of „sh“ and „ch“ consonant clusters.

    Unit Song(Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Time for television)

    Unit Story: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Time for television)

    Game: Shark Attack! We practiced the vocabulary words with a game similar to „Hangman.“ Students guessed letters to complete the word on the board. Each incorrect letter sent the stickman closer to the shark’s mouth.

    Brain Break: Would you rather? Fall edition

  • 2.10.

    Homework: Activity Book 11/1, 11/2, 11/3

    Portfolio: Students answered the questions: „What’s your favorite TV program or series to watch? What kind of program is it? (comedy, cartoon, quiz show, sport, …)“

    Bookwork: Unit 1 „Time for television“, pages 10-12. Activities: 10/1, 10/2, 10/3, 12/1, 12/2, 12/3

    Vocabulary: Time: half, o’clock, past, quarter, to; TV programmes: action film, cartoon, comedy, documentary, news, quiz show, rock music video, sport, weather; TV: channel, episode, series, stream

    Unit song(Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Time for television)

    Game: To finish our lesson, we played a very lively game where students practiced telling the time!

  • 25.9.

    Homework: Activity Book 7/3, 9/2

    Portfolio: Students listened to descriptions of school subjects and wrote the correct answers in their portfolios.

    Today, we practiced our Unit 0 vocabulary, completed a school timetable logic puzzle, sang the Unit song (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Welcome to our ezine), watched the Diggory Bones comic (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Welcome to our ezine), had pronunciation practice, and played review games!

    Bookwork: Unit 0, pages 7-9. Activities: 7/1; 8/1, 2; 9/1 and „Do you remember?“

    Pronunciation: Connected speech fluency practice. (e.g. in „How are you?“, we say like „Howare you?“ with the words „how“ and „are“ connected.)

    Vocabulary: dictionary, definition, school subjects (from our last lesson) including computer studies and art, archaeologist, Diggory Bones (a character from the comic in Kid’s Box 5)

    Phrases: How are things? = How are you?

    Games: „Puzzle Squares“ on Cambridge One, Word Association: I called out a school subject and students had to say words associated with it. For example, „Science“: experiments, plants, human body…

  • 18.9.

    Homework: AB 5/2 (Activity Book page 5, exercise 2) & 6/4 (page 6, exercise 4)

    We learned about our group mascot with a short video: Chameleons

    Portfolio: In 3 minutes, students wrote as many words as they could think of relating to „School.“ Their lists were very long!

    Bookwork: Unit 0, pages 4-6. Activities: 4/1, 2, 3; 5/1, 3; 6/1, 2, 3

    Today we were introduced to Kid’s Box 5 characters (Stella, Meera, and Lenny) and learned about blogs.

    Grammar: Review of present simple questions and short answers, likes, “can” for ability and permission

    Vocabulary: blog, competition, prize, wi-fi, online, dictionary, second language, exam, school subjects: English, French, geography, German, history, maths, science, Spanish, sport, music

  • 11.9.

    Welcome back to LEAP and to the Chameleon group page! We are going to have a great year together.

    Homework: No homework today 🙂

    Today we refreshed our English knowledge using „get to know you“ questions like: Do you like…? Have you got…? Can you…? What’s your favorite…? How old are you? When is your birthday?

    We also reviewed the past simple tense by playing a game called „Fruitbasket Turnover.“ Sitting with their chairs in a circle, one student starts in the middle and says a sentence about their summer (e.g. „I ate a lot of pizza.“ „I traveled to Greece.“ „I swam in the sea.“) If the sentence was something you also did during the summer, you stand up and find a new chair. The student left in the middle without a chair continues the game.

    Brain Break: Back to School Would You Rather?

    We reviewed our Class Rules: Be respectful, Listen, Raise your hand, Be prepared, Speak English.

    We also completed Time Capsule worksheets by writing information about what we like at the moment, our favorite summer memory, and plans for the next year. Miss Anna will give them back at the end of the year!