Homework: Activity Book 7/3, 9/2

Portfolio: Students listened to descriptions of school subjects and wrote the correct answers in their portfolios.

Today, we practiced our Unit 0 vocabulary, completed a school timetable logic puzzle, sang the Unit song (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Welcome to our ezine), watched the Diggory Bones comic (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Welcome to our ezine), had pronunciation practice, and played review games!

Bookwork: Unit 0, pages 7-9. Activities: 7/1; 8/1, 2; 9/1 and „Do you remember?“

Pronunciation: Connected speech fluency practice. (e.g. in „How are you?“, we say like „Howare you?“ with the words „how“ and „are“ connected.)

Vocabulary: dictionary, definition, school subjects (from our last lesson) including computer studies and art, archaeologist, Diggory Bones (a character from the comic in Kid’s Box 5)

Phrases: How are things? = How are you?

Games: „Puzzle Squares“ on Cambridge One, Word Association: I called out a school subject and students had to say words associated with it. For example, „Science“: experiments, plants, human body…