Homework: Activity Book 21/2, 22/3, 22/4

Portfolio: Students listened to audio of people at work and had to write which jobs they had.

Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 21-23)

Activity Book: 21/1, 21/3, 23/1, 23/2, 23/3

Vocabulary & Grammar: jobs and „going to“ for future plans


-Beach ball toss: Students tossed the beach ball to each other. When you caught it, you had to say a job. If you repeated a job that was already said or couldn’t think of a job in time, you had to sit down.

-Who am I? One student sat in a chair facing their classmates. They silently chose a job. The class has a total of 10 „yes/no“ questions to ask to figure out which job the student chose.

Unit Story: Diggory Bones (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 2 People at work)

Brain Break: Would you Rather | Jobs | Kids | This or That | GoNoodle Inspired