Welcome back to LEAP and to the Chameleon group page! We are going to have a great year together.

Homework: No homework today 🙂

Today we refreshed our English knowledge using „get to know you“ questions like: Do you like…? Have you got…? Can you…? What’s your favorite…? How old are you? When is your birthday?

We also reviewed the past simple tense by playing a game called „Fruitbasket Turnover.“ Sitting with their chairs in a circle, one student starts in the middle and says a sentence about their summer (e.g. „I ate a lot of pizza.“ „I traveled to Greece.“ „I swam in the sea.“) If the sentence was something you also did during the summer, you stand up and find a new chair. The student left in the middle without a chair continues the game.

Brain Break: Back to School Would You Rather?

We reviewed our Class Rules: Be respectful, Listen, Raise your hand, Be prepared, Speak English.

We also completed Time Capsule worksheets by writing information about what we like at the moment, our favorite summer memory, and plans for the next year. Miss Anna will give them back at the end of the year!