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  • 17.05

    Homework: Activity Book 77/2 Do you remember?, “ can do“

    Activity book: 77/1,2,3

    Portfolio: Students practiced irregular verbs

    Pupil’s Book: Unit 8 (pages 75-77)

    Vocabulary & Grammar: Sports and seasons

    Past participles ending in:

    /d/ sound (climbed, played, listened, arrived)

    /t/ sound (crossed, finished, jumped, walked)

    /id/ sound (decided, needed, waited, wanted)

    Unit 8 Story: Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 8 World of sports

  • 10.05

    Homework: 74/4, 75/1,3,4

    Activity book: Unit 8 pages 72-74

    Portfolio: Students wrote about their favourite sport

    Vocabulary & Grammar: 

    Sports: athletics, cycling, golf, racing, skiing, sledging, snowboarding

    Seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter

    Present Perfect Tense: We practiced with past participles and the Present Perfect tense to express recently completed actions.

  • 03.05

    Homework: Activity book 70/2

    Pupil’s Book: Unit 7 (pages 70-71)

    Students learned why turtles, orangutans, hummingbirds, and hedgehogs are endangered and how some people are helping them.

    We also watched a video about bees and their importance

    Vocabulary & Grammar: Unit 7 vocabulary, especially „habitat“ and „endangered“,fish scale, nectar, caterpillar, beehive

    We also learnt about using the ‚when‚ to state facts student tried creating their own sentences eg: When we throw rubbish we pollute the environment.

    Games: We played angry birds to go over everything we have learnt in unit 7

  • 19.04

    Homework: AB 67/2

    Portfolio: Students drew a mind map for the words „Natural world“

    Unit work: Pages 64-66

    Students Talked about advice for different scenarios, using these prompts.

    We watched a video about endangered animals, differenciated between the words „extinct“ and „endangered“

    Vocabulary & Grammar: giving advice (should/shouldn’t); endangered species, extinct, insect, protect, stripes, spots, beetle, wing, butterfly, in danger

    Games: Should/Shouldn’t Advice

  • 12.04

    Homework: Students have to finish all the homework they did not complete

    Portfolio: Sentence Scrambles

    Pupil’s Book: Units 5 and 6 Review (pages 62-63)

    Vocabulary: All vocabulary from Units 5 and 6

    Games: We played different games to reinforce everything we have learnt

  • 05.04

    Homework: AB 65/1,2 , 66/3,4

    Portfolio: Students wrote about how they spent their easter holiday.

    Pupil’s book: Unit 7 ,Natural World‘ pages 64-66

    Vocabulary: Sun cream, endangered species,extinct,insect,protect, stripped,spotted,spots,beetle,wing

    Grammar: Should, shouldn’t, question form: Should…?

    Unit 7 song: Natural world

  • 22.03


    Students got their tests back. They all did very well and I’m very proud of them. Ask your chidren to see them.

    Homework: Activity book pages 62/1,2,3,63/4,5

    Portfolio: Students completed sentences : It smells like….;It tastes like…..; It sounds like…, It feels like a warm…. and it looks like …..

    Unit pages:59-61

    Activity book: 58/3,4, 59/1,2,60/1,2

    Vocabulary: sound waves, sound vibrations; sound words: clanging, roaring, honking, ringing, clattering, meowing, giggling, tapping, zooming

    Diggory Bones Story: Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 6 Senses

    What does it sound like? It sounds like… (Guess the Sound video)

    Unit 6 Review game

  • 15.03

    Homework: AB 56/2,3, 57/1

    Porfolio: Using the phrases: It smells good;it tastes sour;it feels soft etc. students had to make list of items that fall in these categories

    Pupil’s book: Pages 56-58

    Vocabulary: flour, dough, salt, basil, salami, pepper, fork, spoon, plate, base, topping, ingredients,oven,sausage,onion

    Unit 6 Song: Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Unit 6 Senses

    Activity: Students had to draw a pizza and write all the ingredients they used.

  • 08.03

    Today we had the review test for units 3-5. Students who couldn’t make it to class will have it next week. We also started unit 6 ,Senses‘

    PB: Pages 54,55

    Vocabulary: senses hearing,sight,smell,tastes,touch

    What does it look like/feel like/smell like/sound like/taste like?

    Game: What does it sound like? students had to guess what the sounds were.

    crosswords, I spy, words search with spring vocabulary

  • 01.03

    There was no homework today. Next week we have a test reviewing units 3-5

    Portfolio: Students reviewed words from places around the city by unscrambling words.

    Grammar& vocabulary: we went over the past continuous tense, looked at the months of the year, types of materials man-made and natural, giving directions and vocabulary from units 3-5 using games and worksheets.

    Activity: Students drew a sculpture they created using different recycled materials. They came up with many interesting ideas. 🙂

  • 23.02

    Homework: 51/2, do you remember? ,49/1,3

    Portfolio: Students made a list of man- made and natural materials

    Vocabulary:  Materials: brick, sugar, rubber, fur, wool, paper, card, plastic, wood, stone, grass, leather, gold, silver, glass metal; made of, comes from, factory

    Pupils book: pages 48-51

    Pronunciation Focus: Connected speech. The final consonant sound and an initial vowel sound of two words link together (e.g. look at, come on, made of).

    Unit StoryKid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 5: Material Things

    Game: Students guessed what an item is by asking questions like ,what is it made of?‘ ,where does it come from?‘ ,Does it have wheels?‘ etc

  • 16.02

    Homework: Activity book:44/1, 45/4,5

    Portfolio: Practiced spelling tricky words from unit 4 eg. lightning, frightening, island etc

    Pupil’s Book: pages 42-44,46-47

    Vocabulary: Metal, gold, silva, rubber, plastic, fur, brick,wood,stone,grass, ash, magma, tectonic plates,geothermal energy

    students practiced using „made of“ to ask each other questions. “ What is the table made of?“

    Activity book: 42/2,46/1,2,4,47/1,3

    Brain Break: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqrHmWbQvYM

  • 26.01

    Homework: 39/1,3,40/1,41/ „Do you remember?“ , „Can do“

    Portfolio: Students wrote down their favourite month of the year and why they like it.

    Unit Story: Kid’s Box 5 -> Unit Stories ->Unit 4 Disaster!

    Activity book: 38/4,40,40/2,42/1,2

    Pupil’s book: Pages 39-41

    Grammar: Students practiced the past tense of irregular verbs: see/saw, cut/cut, catch/caught,go/ went etc.

    past continuous tense, pronunciation of vowel sounds A E I O U

    Vocabulary: January, February….December.

    Games: KB 5 unit game „Jungle Jams“

  • 19.01

    Homework: Activity Book 37/1, 37/2,38/1

    Portfolio: What kind of weather do you like and dislike?

    Vocabulary: Iceberg, earthquake, erupt, lightning, thunder, catch fire,island, storm, beach

    Pupil’s Book: Unit 4 „Disaster!“ (pages 36-38)

    Activity Book: 36/1, 36/2, 36/3; 38/2

    Unit SongKid’s Box 5 -> Unit Songs -> Unit 4 Disaster!

    Grammar: Past continuous- „What were you doing when it was snowing yesterday?“

    was/were +verb-ing

    Ordinals: 1st -29th

    Games: Ball toss: weather words, quiz: Past continuous

  • 05.01

    Today being the first lesson of the year, we reviewed the previous chapter by practicing spelling,,vocabulary and playing games.

    We also introduced unit 4 ,disasters‘ and watched a video on the topic.

    Portfolio: What I did during my Christmas holidays.

    Vocabulary: disaster, lightning, storm, island, beach

  • 22.12

    Christmas lesson

    We had a fun Christmas lesson today. We played games, ate popcorn and watched a movie, solved some puzzles and word games. We also did some christmas crafts.

  • 15.12

    Homework: Activity Book 34/1, 35/1

    Portfolio: Practicing giving directions: Go straight, turn right/left, cross the road, next to , opposite

    Pupil’s Book: Unit 3 „City Life“ (pages 34-35)

    Activity Book: 34

    Vocabulary & Grammar: 

    -Public transport, hanging train, cable car, electric, environmentally friendly, pollution, greener than, stuck in traffic

    Comparative and superlative adjectives: new (newer thanthe newest); easy (easier thanthe easiest); good (better thanthe best); healthy (healthier thanthe healthiest); green (greener thanthe greenest); beautiful (more beautiful thanthe most beautiful); interesting (more interesting thanthe most interesting); expensive (more expensive thanthe most expensive)


    Game: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

  • 08.12

    Homework: Activity Book 32/4, 33/“Do you remember?“ and „I can“

    Portfolio: Spelling different places in the city eg. Museum, Bridge, Theatre, etc

    Unit Song: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Unit 3)

    Unit Story: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 3)


    Prepositions: who, where, which. i.e. A place where you can post letters. (a post office); Someone who flies planes. (a pilot); Something which you have to buy when you go by bus or train. (a ticket)

    reviewed directions: right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner, past, across, along, to get lost, turn 

    opposite, next to, behind, in front of

    Places in a city: police station, theatre, bridge, street, post office, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison, bank, stadium, gym.

    Pupil’s book: 31/1,2,3 , 32/1,4 , 33

  • 01.12

    This week we started unit 3, students also got their unit review tests back so you can take a look together at home. They all did very well 🙂

    Homework: 28/1,2, 29/1,30/1

    Porfolio: Students wrote about different places in the city and what we do there.

    Book Pupil’s Book: Unit 3 „City Life“ (pages 28-30)

    Activity book: 28/3,29/2,30/2

    Vocabulary & Grammar: Directions: right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner, past, across, along, to get lost, turn. Places in a city: police station, theatre, bridge, street, post office, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison, bank, stadium, gym, university

    Games: Students interviewed each other about activities they did over the week.

  • 24.11

    Homework: There was no homework , but students had some voluntary worksheets to take home.

    Portfolio: we wrote about all the things we like about our English class

    Test: Students took a review test of units0-2

    Games: After the test, we played quiz games, did crosswords and word searches.

  • 10.11

    Homework: 23/2, Do you remember, can do ,25

    Portfolio: Students wrote jobs starting with specific letters

    Bookwork:Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 22-25)

    Vocabulary: Burn, candle,by accident,fuel, fire extinguisher, fireplace,gas, oxygen,heat, out of control,matches,plug, socket,safety, smoke alarm

    Activity book: 22/3,4,23/1,24/1,2,

    Unit Story: Diggory Bones (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 2 People at work)

    Games: Students played scategories in teams where they had to come up with words beginning with specific letters

  • 02.11

    Portfolio: What I like and don’t like about autumn

    Bookwork: Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 18-20)

    Vocabulary: nurse, fire fighter, teacher, dentist, actor, artist, cook, doctor, football player, journalist, manager, mechanic, pilot, sports commentator, video game designer, writer

    Spelling autumn words and a crossword puzzle

    Grammar: future plans with „going to“ (e.g. I’m going to be a football player. I’m going to school.)

    Game: Guess my job

    Activity book: 18/1 19/1,2 20/1,2,3

    Homework: 18/3, 21/1,2

  • 20.10

    Homework: Activity book 16/2,3,4

    Portfolio: We wrote sentences related to the word documentary

    ‚Documentaries are about……..‘

    Documentaries are…….. (using adjectives from previous lesson‘

    ‚My favourite documentary is……‘

    Vocabulary: Camera operator, batteries, underwater, extinct, computer animations,drone camera

    Book work: Unit 1 „Time for television“ (pages 16-17) and review of the whole unit. Activities: 16/2, 17/1. Activity book: 16/1, 17

    Grammar: We learnt about adjectives, what they are used for and practiced using them and identifying them.

    Game: Puzzle square ( using vocabulary from unit 1)

  • 20.10

    Homework: Activity book 14/3,4 15 ‘Do you remember?’

    Vocabulary: amazing, bad, boring, exciting, funny, good, interesting,archaeology, bones, thief, TV screen

    Portfolio: Students used the words from the new vocabulary to describe different TV programmes.

    Grammar: „sh“ and „ch“ digraphs

    Unit story:(Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Diggory bones)

    Bookwork: Unit 1 „Time for television“, pages 13-15. Activities: 13/1, 13/2, 14/1, 14/2, 14/3, 15/1 Activity book: 14/1,2 15/1,2

    Game: Kid’s box 5 games ‚angry words‘ Here students practiced new words and telling the time from Unit 1

  • 06.10.

    Homework: Activity book page Page 10  exercise 3, Page 11 exercise 2 &3 Page 13 exercises 1&2  

    Portfolio: Students answered the questions“ What is your favourite TV programme?“ and

    “ What is it about?“

    Bookwork: Unit 1, Pages 10-13. 10/1,2,3 11/2, 12/2 13/3

    Activity book: 10/1,2 12/1,2

    Vocabulary: Telling the time: quarter past , Half past, quarter to. TV programmes: action film, cartoon, comedy, documentary, news, quiz show, sport, weather; TV: channel, episode, series

    Closing: Played a game of musical chairs with the Kids box 5 songs- Time for television

  • 22.09.2023

    Homework: Activity book page 4-exercise 1,2&3 , Page 6- exercise 2&3

    Students also chose books from the library to read at home. Return date: 06.10.23

    Portfolio: Students wrote 10 words that come to mind when they think about school

    Today, students were introduced to their new textbook ( Kids box 5)

    Bookwork: Unit 0 pages 4-7, Activities 4/2,3 , 5/2 , 6/2 ,7/1

    Vocabulary: Blog, competition, prize, wi-fi, dictionary, exam, online. school subjects: maths, history, geography, science, Spanish, French, German, sport

    Speaking: asking and answering the questions

    How old are you?

    How do you get to school?

    What do you like to do?

    What is your favourite subject?

    What would you like to write about in the school blog?

  • September


    Homework: By the next lesson (22.9.) students need to scratch off their Activation Codes on the inside cover of their Activity Books and register on the Cambridge One Platform.

    Introductions: „Find someone who…“ Students asked and answered questions in order to find out information about one another. For example: Find someone who likes reading (What is your hobby?); Find someone who watches TV every day (How often do you watch TV?), etc.

    We are the Owls!: Students learned about their new class mascot. We watched a video and played a game.

    Portfolio: Students decorated their new portfolio, which we will keep at school and use at the start of each class. Today the students wrote some ‚Fun Facts‘ about owls.

    New Teacher: Today Miss Deanna taught the lesson, but Miss Maggie was helping the whole time and she will start to teach the class next time!