Homework: Activity Book 32/4, 33/“Do you remember?“ and „I can“

Portfolio: Spelling different places in the city eg. Museum, Bridge, Theatre, etc

Unit Song: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Unit 3)

Unit Story: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Stories -> Unit 3)


Prepositions: who, where, which. i.e. A place where you can post letters. (a post office); Someone who flies planes. (a pilot); Something which you have to buy when you go by bus or train. (a ticket)

reviewed directions: right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner, past, across, along, to get lost, turn 

opposite, next to, behind, in front of

Places in a city: police station, theatre, bridge, street, post office, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison, bank, stadium, gym.

Pupil’s book: 31/1,2,3 , 32/1,4 , 33