Homework: Activity Book 40/3, 40/4, 41/2, 41/“Do you remember?“

Portfolio: Listen to a description and identify the month of the year

Pupil’s Book: Unit 4 „Disaster!“ (pages 39-41)

Activity Book: 39 (whole page), 40/1, 41/1

Unit SongKid’s Box 5 -> Unit Songs -> Unit 4 Disaster!

Unit Story: Kid’s Box 5 -> Unit Stories ->Unit 4 Disaster!

Vocabulary & Grammar: Unit vocabulary, months of the year, past continuous tense, pronunciation of vowel sounds A E I O U

Game: To practice the past continuous tense, students acted out a scenario in groups (i.e. I was making a sandwich when I cut myself.). The other group had to guess the scenario using the correct grammar.