Homework: Activity Book 16/2: write about a documentary you’ve watched (or imagine a documentary you’d like to watch)

Library Books: Many of the students have library books that are overdue. Please return them on 30.10. with the book report! 🙂

Portfolio: We practiced spelling adjectives – popular, exciting, amazing, interesting

Bookwork: Unit 1 „Time for television“ (pages 16-17) and review of the whole unit. Activities: 16/1, 17

Today we learned about how nature documentaries are made, read about three different documentaries, and shared our opinions about them. We also practiced using adjectives and reviewed Units 0 and 1!

Vocabulary: drone, underwater camera, computer-generated images (CGI); adjectives from Unit 1

Game: We reviewed Units 0 and 1 with this quiz game

Brain Break: This or That: Pet Edition