Homework: AB 5/2 (Activity Book page 5, exercise 2) & 6/4 (page 6, exercise 4)

We learned about our group mascot with a short video: Chameleons

Portfolio: In 3 minutes, students wrote as many words as they could think of relating to „School.“ Their lists were very long!

Bookwork: Unit 0, pages 4-6. Activities: 4/1, 2, 3; 5/1, 3; 6/1, 2, 3

Today we were introduced to Kid’s Box 5 characters (Stella, Meera, and Lenny) and learned about blogs.

Grammar: Review of present simple questions and short answers, likes, “can” for ability and permission

Vocabulary: blog, competition, prize, wi-fi, online, dictionary, second language, exam, school subjects: English, French, geography, German, history, maths, science, Spanish, sport, music