The Units 0-2 Review Test was given back in class today! Ask your child to see it 🙂

Homework: Activity Book 29/2, 29/3

Portfolio: For 5 minutes, students wrote places or things in a city starting with each letter of the alphabet. For example, A- airport B-bank…

Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 3 „City Life“ (pages 28-30)

We read the latest blog by Lenny, Meera, and Stella about London, practiced giving directions to places, and did a word scramble and matching exercise with places in a city.

Activity Book: 28/1, 2, 3

Unit Song: (Kid’s Box 5 -> Songs -> Unit 3)

Vocabulary & Grammar: Directions: right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner, past, across, along, to get lost, turn. Places in a city: police station, theatre, bridge, street, post office, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison, bank, stadium, gym, university

Game: Hot Seat. Students took turns sitting in the „hot seat.“ When you were there, you had to guess which place was being described to you by your classmates.