Homework: Activity Book 37/1, 37/2

Portfolio: What kind of weather do you like and dislike?

Pupil’s Book: Unit 4 „Disaster!“ (pages 36-38)

Activity Book: 36/1, 36/2, 36/3; 38/1, 38/2

Unit Song: Kid’s Box 5 -> Unit Songs -> Unit 4 Disaster!

Vocabulary & Grammar: 

-Disaster, storm, island, beach, catch fire, lightning, tsunami, hurricane

-Past Continuous Tense „I was watching TV at 8 pm“

-Ordinals: 1st -29th


-Beach ball toss, Category: weather. Students toss the beach ball to each other. When you have the ball, you must say a word related to the weather. If you repeat a word or you can’t think of one quickly, then you’re out.

Past Continuous Baamboozle