Group activities and getting to know one another:

Drawing faces – Passing papers with names written on it so everyone can draw one facial feature of everyone’s face.

Time Capsule – Everyone brought in one item for the time capsule. Students loved  it and the capsule will be open at the end of the year!

Two truths and a lie – A student will tell two truths and one lie about their life and the other students will guess. Uses critical thinking and you get to know the students.

Hot seat – Student uses the help of her classmates to guess the object written behind them

Hangman – End of class fun game everyone loves

Going over the textbooks – went over the rules of the class for next week and had a sneak peak of the content.

Poster – Finished the poster! Absent students need to add their bear and photo then the poster will be hung  on the school wall!

Girl’s Chant