Homework: Activity Book 19/3, 20 (whole page)

Portfolio: Word scramble: drineseg (designer), juarnlstoi (journalist), macniceh (mechanic)

Bookwork (Pupil’s Book): Unit 2 „People at work“ (pages 18-20)

Activity Book: 18/1, 2, 3; 19/1, 2

Vocabulary: nurse, fire fighter, teacher, dentist, actor, artist, cook, doctor, football player, journalist, manager, mechanic, pilot, sports commentator, video game designer, writer

Grammar: future plans with „going to“ (e.g. I’m going to be a doctor. I’m going to go to the shopping center.)

Halloween activities:

Would You Rather? Fitness (Halloween Edition) | This or That | Brain Break | Candy | PE

We created funny stories by doing a Halloween mad lib