Homework: Page 34 and 35 of the workbook are due on 08.12

Introduction: We opened the class with a game of Hotseat

Notebooks: In our notebooks we wrote and talked about:

What are you going to do?
This weekend?
This Christmas?
Next Summer?

Build a Band: In groups, we made our own bands and album covers and answered the questions:

What are you going to call your band?
What type of music are you going to play?
What are you going to name your album?
When are you going to play your shows? (Month)
Where are you going to perform? (Cities)
What instrument are each of you going to play?

New Unit 3 Vocabulary: spotlight, backing singers, electric guitar, fans, dancer, bass guitar, drum kit, bodyguards, stage.

Bookwork: We worked through page 35 and 36 in the Students Book