Homework: Workbook p. 22 Activity 1,2,3. Workbook p. 23 Activity 2

Introduction: Short Rainforest video for the new unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFMYkdpC9Ik&t=289s&ab_channel=Zoboomafoo-WildBrain Wordwall grammar game. https://wordwall.net/resource/36809100/had-to

Grammar: had to, didn’t have to and large numbers, hundred, thousand, million

Vocabulary: Anaconda, branch, sloth, beetle, jaguar, toucan, creeper, anteater, pool, beak

Book work: Student book p. 22 Activity 1,2. Student book p.23 Activity 1,2. Work book p.23 Activity 1,2