Introduction: We opened the class with a game of Scattegories

Notebooks: In our notebooks we wrote and talked about what we think the future will be like and what technology we think it will have.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: waiter, strawberries, biscuits, spoon, napkin, fork, knife, pepper, salt, chopsticks.

Unit 4 Grammar: We practiced our first grammar point of the unit: Ordinal Numbers to Talk About Dates: Examples: 2nd of April, 21st of November, 11th of August
1 = First
2 = Second
3 = Third

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Activity: We watched some videos about Fantastic Foods from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and then came up with our own ideas. We made an advertisment for these ideas that included:
A color picture
A product name
3 Sentences discribing it

Bookwork: We worked through page 52 in the Students Book