• Homework: Page 22 and 23 of the workbook are due on 10.11

    Introduction: We opened the class with a game of Scattegories

    Notebooks: In our notebooks we wrote and talked about where we would want to go on an adventure: Rainforest or Savannah.

    New Unit Introduction: We watched this video and talked about the animals we saw.

    Rainforest Animals 🐅🌴 – Animals for Kids – Educational Video

    New Unit 2 Vocabulary: beak, toucan, creeper, sloth, anaconda, branch, jaguar, anteater, beetle, pool.

    New Grammar:  We introduced our new Unit 2 Grammar: Big Numbers
    100: Hundred
    1000: Thousand
    10000: Ten Thousand
    100000: Hundred Thousand
    1000000: Million

    Bookwork: We worked through page 22 and 23 in the Students Book