Homework due Monday 13.11.: WB str. 24, 25

Notebooks: We ate chocolate cake and drank lemonade.

Ana really liked the film, but Sarah didn’t.

She was scared of the dog because it had big teeth.

The football game was boring, so we went home.

Práce se Student’s Book: SB str. 24, 25

New Grammar:

Connectors (spojky) – spojují dvě tvrzení do jedné věty

because (protože), but (ale), and (a), so (tak, takže)

Simple Past (minulý čas prostý)

For regular verbs, add „ed“ to the end of the verb

Irregular verbs: saw, had, was/were, went, bit

Negatives: „didn’t“ + bare infinitive

didn’t see the fish.


Used to talk about past ability

I couldn’t swim when I was two years old, but I can now.

New Vocabulary: mountain, forest, village, lake, island, field, river, path

Other Activity: aktivní video Would You Rather? Food Edition, hra EduCandy: The World Around Us