Homework: Pages 49 and 50 are assigned as homework for 22.01

Introduction: We opened the class by finishing our Fantastic Foods and presenting them to the class.

Notebooks: In our notebooks we wrote and talked about our „plan“ for 2024 including what we want to do this year and dates for each thing:

  • I am going to celebrate my birthday on the 19th of January.
  • I am going to climb a mountain on the 23rd of April.
  • I am going to sail on the sea on the 7th of August.
  • I am going to visit space on the 14th of October.

Unit 4 Vocabulary: waiter, strawberries, biscuits, spoon, napkin, fork, knife, pepper, salt, chopsticks.

New Unit 4 Grammar: We introduced our next grammar point of the unit: Zero Conditional
Example: If you heat ice, it melts.

Build a Board Game: In groups, students made board games with 5 rules that match the 5 colors on their board. We will play the games in the next class.
Ex: If you stop on blue, you go back 4 spaces.

Students Book: Worked through page 49 in the Students Book.